10 recommendations in the youth-oriented business - مباحث مرتبط با مدیریت منابع انسانی و کاربردهای آن
مباحث مرتبط با مدیریت منابع انسانی و کاربردهای آن
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مقاله ی ترجمه شده ی (10 توصیه ی مهم در راه جوان گرایی در کسب و کار).


The current generation of our society in terms of labor productivity in the workplace, commercial and service activities are the same. Obviously each of these generational trends, perceptions and values ​​of their specific in some cases, older work forces to cope with the challenges of new conditions.

Perhaps the first obstacle that forces the old association Picture occupational forces during the encounter with the young image and the evaluation of themselves. It is difficult  For older generations, either conscious or unconscious acceptance that this issue should obey his superiors that the young .

This generation of parents who have learned to respect seniority and occurs with increasing age

It is obvious that the answer to the question of the president and head of a young and unfortunate for them that they have learned the opposite pattern.

Some of them not only to the individual child that age is the answer to their embarrassment and discomfort are gone but do not know how much younger they are supervisors or colleagues who communicate supervisors and colleagues that their presence is only exacerbates their sense of isolation.

The other obstacle that comes from the gap between generations this is the most ancient forces believe that they are of the Omniscient and answer all questions and know more people want to lower the age to give them their orders.

The advantages of working with young

Despite all the difficulties and challenges that the older generation and the head of a young face,

It is also important to accept it and learn how to deal  subject.

Given that so many people over 50 years for various reasons, economic, social and other considerations still have to work, and while millions of new generations are entering the job market the likelihood of having a guardian and responsible for young workers has increased in the elderly.


However, since man is mortal, so the reality of future generations is to leave office. Old generation is better equipped to become critical and communication skills rather than negative judgments about the younger generation, Haas will appreciate them. Looking at things from the perspective of youth, the older generation is openness of mind while the new generations to experience and maturity is to respect the old look.

Here are 10 suggestions that will help the older generation to communicate more effectively with the younger in the workplace should be offered

1.                       Accept that an important factor in managing the relationship, understanding other people's viewpoints. . If your superiors are too young you better also have different approaches in dealing with affairs.

2.                       2. Possible behavior of the heads of their previous behavior of the young do not compare your current young directors and employees of the boundaries and limitations that you see your work in the distant past, you can observe the other. They plan to do their work but this is not consistent with traditional work schedules.

3. Never let the discomfort you can follow. No matter how unhappy you are young, having a superior, it is important that do not worry your self from this issue. It also points to remember however, compared to a young staff that is more efficient and more acceptable to come.          

If only for the country to show their unhappiness to have her fired.

4. Intellectual openness, and have opened up. Do not think that because they are young do not

know what to do.. We all have different set of skills and know everything to everyone.

5. It is necessary that the new information and learn to make do with and I have different issues.

                                                                           Otherwise you have to look at an old-minded prig and then have no choice Except that the ideas and thinking of today's youth-friendly that you are angry with your superiors.

6. From your experience and balance to overcome feelings of insecurity of having to use a superior young man. On your experience,  you earn Viewpoint that he do not have yet  and this can be beneficial to both of you.

7. A son or short  brother  think you can help. Be aware that you are younger than your superiors of the relationship suffers. To help him find his way in his new job. His interest is less likely that the more authority you are willing to give it and its decision to partner.

8. Note Some of the false pride of their youth or their over-evaluation of their education is and remember that ultimately forced to follow the guidelines and decisions and collaborate with others.

9. You spend more time understanding them. Assign the time to recognize your young superior to find out how he thinks. This certainly would be more beneficial to you.

10. You need someone who is not above your young superior that you can manage. Usually an important part of managing directors of his time to spend on their young employees who need to learn to manage time and priorities.

If you do not have someone constantly in your head that you think about you then he will pay more attention to your thank you and will appreciate the wisdom and experience.

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